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Ingenuity UI/UX Design

Ingenuity UI/UX Design

Toyota HTML5 / AE ad

Toyota HTML5 / AE

Toyota Yaris Webpage design

Toyota Winter Webpage design

Toyota After Effects ad

OKI HTML5 300x250

Magners HTML5 / AE 300x250

Magners HTML5 / AE 728x90

Magners HTML5 / AE 160x600

Ipad UI designs


Sony HTML5 300x600

Sony HTML5 300x600

Sagatiba UI designs


Hello my name is Eduardo Silva. I am a digital designer originally from Rio de Janeiro Brazil but London has been my home for the past 15 years. I specialise in display advertising creating online digital banner ads. A highly creative, technically skilled, passionate digital designer with 16 years varied design experience. I am currently working on a freelance basis and can be contacted at

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